Near Real Video Appointment solution is an easy-to-use tool for health care professionals, which enables secure and top-quality video appointments with patients remotely. The Video Appointment solution works in a browser and does not require any software installations. The solution’s video and audio streams are top-quality. Chat, screen sharing, file sharing and telehealth devices enrich the experience of a remote video appointment. The users can join the video appointment on a computer or also on Android- and iOs-devices.

The Video Appointment solution can be easily integrated to existing electronic health record and reservation systems through Near Real Connect API. We also offer ready-made integrations to multiple systems used in the health care sector in Finland.

A health care professional can easily meet a patient in a video appointment via her electronic health record system, when the EHR has been integrated with Near Real Video Appointment solution.

The patient can join the video appointment on her own device without any software installations. The patient can be electronically identified before the start of the video appointment.

The implementation of Near Real Video Appointment is swift and inexpensive. The Video Appointment solution can be taken in to use in any organization without any costs within a day. The Video Appointment solution’s costs are variable and scale according to the actual use.


Near Real's mission is to help health care professionals to treat their patients remotely. We strive daily to make our solutions so convenient that the old-fashioned and expensive operating models in the health care sector become obsolete.

"Kainuunmeren Työterveys started a pilot study of doctors’ video appointments in Suomussalmi in June 2016. Right from the start, we have collaborated with Near Real. The greatest challenge was to find the appropriate telehealth devices. Fortunately, we received help with this issue from Near Real as well. Today, doctors’ video appointments work either directly through Omasote or through occupational health unit’s appointment room. The occupational health units’ have a broad selection of telehealth devices, and we receive help with them when needed. The collaboration with Near Real has been successful and we are very satisfied with the service." - Kainuunmeren Työterveys

"Remote appointments help forward equal and good medical treatment for all patients despite their place of residence or their place of work. In Finland, in the land of great distances, we have realised that it is important that all people receive medical treatment swiftly and one does not have to travel far away to receive public health care when it is possible to treat patients well remotely." - Julkinen terveydenhuolto


High-quality audio
High-quality video
Screen sharing
User friendly "one-click" solution
Encrypted media and signaling
Session recording
Global coverage and reliability
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