Near Real Video Appointment

Near Real Ltd is a Finnish health tech company with a mission to help health care professionals to treat their patients remotely.

Near Real Video Appointment solution enables secure and high-quality patient care through excellent real-time video and audio streams and with comprehensive telehealth device selection.


Remote health care has become increasingly popular due to Covid-19, and with Near Real Video Appointment solution, health care professionals can treat their patients remotely by using a computer or a smart phone. The solution is easy to use:

The patient joins the video appointment with her own available device without any installations.

The health care professional meets the patient in a video appointment room through secure and real-time, high-quality video and audio connections.

The Video Appointment solution increases the availability of health care to patients and reduces the time and money spent on travelling.

"Almost every patient of the day was able to be treated fully remotely. Two patients were instructed to visit a local health center to get their CRP measured. Five patients were redirected to a hospital to receive hospital care."


Even a broader range of patients can be treated remotely when the appointments are augmented with telehealth devices. This enables the health care to be swifter, more cost-effective and of better quality.

Near Real Total solution for remote health care includes the best telehealth devices, which fulfil the high-quality standards and medical device directives, in addition to the secure and top-quality Video Appointment service.